Adalky Capellán is a Dominican visual artist and community organizer living in Washington Heights, New York. She was interviewed for La Galería Magazine:
Shannel Paulino writes: "Adalky represents Family, period. And family is community; community is compassion, and being compassionate comes from the soul. Throughout this article, you will see the different ways where Adalky shows compassion, not just for her family (which is expected of us) but how she shows it with herself and the people around her who protect their own as well."
Adalky shares: “I am an artist…who am I…I am a person of community. I have been in the community since I was born, my mom always had aunties in her house; when I wake up at 7, there’s already 5 aunties having coffee with my mom and I’m like, mami I haven’t even showered yet, and she’s like ‘come in, they’re not seeing anything new.”
Read the rest of the interview here:

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